Yeti Colster at Sailing Point

Introducing the Yeti Colster

The Yeti Colster Can Insulator, your ticket to endless chilly sips and longer refreshments! We know that feeling when you crack open a can of your favourite drink on a hot day - it's like an oasis in a desert. But, that refreshing chill only lasts for one glorious sip...until now!

Say goodbye to waiting for another can just to experience that delightful coolness again. How does the Colster work? Thanks to the Yeti technology, the Colster maintains the temperature of your beverage inside a magical chamber. So go ahead and take all the time you need without worrying about the temperature of your favourite drink. Extend the pure drinking pleasure with our Yeti Colster Can Insulator

Disclaimer: Don't take too long otherwise the drink will lose all its fizz! We are working on that!