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Discover the world of Sail Racing Clubhouse UK, where the brand that is revolutionising sailing gear has set up shop in the heart of Cowes, the historic centre of sailing. Sail Racing has created an innovative and futuristic design for its UK Club House, which stands out on the bustling High Street. Step inside and immerse yourself in the ultimate sailing experience, surrounded by cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art gear. It's a must-visit destination for any sailing enthusiast! 


Feel the wind in your sails with the Sail Racing Jackets. Whether you're an amateur weekend sailor or a competitive racer, you will find the perfect jacket for your sailing.


Explore Sail Racing's range of sweaters and tops for innovative solutions suitable for any sailing environment, without compromising on style.

Trousers and shorts

Sail Racing's trousers and shorts feature innovative solutions developed through ongoing partnerships with the world's best sailing teams.

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Sail Racing put the usual commitment for quality and performance on their range of sailing accessories

Sail Racing - innovation and commitment

The Swedish brand Sail Racing has its roots in competitive sailing. Officially founded on July 7, 1977, Sail Racing was relaunched in 1999 by its original founders, who remained dedicated to the sport of high-performance sailing.

Headquartered in Sweden, Sail Racing International AB is a specialized company focused on designing and manufacturing cutting-edge gear for high-speed sailing. The company’s development team includes clothing designers, product designers, and 3D animators. This tight-knit group is devoted to discovering innovative materials, achieving an optimal fit, and crafting eye-catching designs with input from professional sailors on Sail Racing’s testing team.

In addition to its technical sailing equipment, Sail Racing designs, markets, and sells a sportswear line inspired by high-speed sailing. Sail Racing has been the official partner of prestigious sailing events, including the 35th and 36th America’s Cup races and the Oracle team USA and Team New Zealand teams. Today she will be protagonist of next America's Cup on board of Team Alinghi Red Bull. These partnerships have enabled Sail Racing to produce the most advanced sailing gear available. This high-performance equipment is featured in Sail Racing’s Orca 50 knots collection, which incorporates the best of Sail Racing’s innovations.

The innovations developed for extreme sailing are also adapted for Sail Racing’s Reference and Spray collections, improving everyday sailing gear with new details and technology. Sail Racing’s research even benefits its fashion lines, enabling men and women to choose from stylish yet technically-inspired options for everyday wear.


Sail Racing was officially founded on July 7, 1977.

Sail Racing is headquartered in Sweden.

Besides technical sailing equipment, Sail Racing designs, markets, and sells a sportswear line inspired by high-speed sailing.

 Partnerships with prestigious sailing events like the America's Cup enable Sail Racing to produce advanced sailing gear.

The Orca 50 knots and the Refernce collections incorporates Sail Racing's latest innovations.

Sail Racing has set up its UK Club House in Cowes, showcasing the latest collections for all to see.