Sailing Point Partners with Just a Drop
September 30, 2023

Sailing Point Partners with Just a Drop

Sailing Point is proud to announce its new partnership with water charity Just a Drop. At Sailing Point, sustainability sits at the heart of our mission and supporting Just a Drop serves as part of that sustainability focus. From the start of September, for every sale made by Sailing Point we are donating £1 to Just a Drop.

Figaro 3 boat sponsored by Sailing Point and Just a Drop

Just a drop

Just a Drop is an international development charity that brings life changing, sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities. Their project work is currently focused throughout Cambodia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda and Zambia. They have reached over 1.9 million people in 32 countries since they began in 1998. Safe water changes everything. It improves health, education, women’s rights, leads to secure food sources, economic growth and brighter futures. It completely transforms lives, especially those of women and children.

The charity works with communities to implement solutions which best suit their needs, such as rainwater harvesting systems, wells, sand dams, bio sand filters, latrines, and sanitation and hygiene training. They’ve also developed food security, menstrual health and micro-finance programmes, which further support community development and economic growth.

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sustainability providing water

Just a Drop themselves are a sustainability orientated NGO who specialise in providing safe water, sanitation, and hygiene, to those in need of it around the world. They operate in Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Nicaragua, India, and Cambodia, and though they operate a variety of different projects and solutions, one thing unites them all: sustainability. All of Just a Drop’s projects are built to last as long-term solutions, with technical check backs for a minimum period of 7 years, and community engagement at every stage to ensure that the project will continue to function for many years to come. Aside from that, they are committed to helping the environment by employing a range of carbon reduction strategies, recording and measuring their footprint, and offsetting their carbon footprint where they can.

saving water is a common value

Recycling plastic bottles image
Recycling process image

These values go hand in hand with Sailing Point’s focus on water and sustainability. One of the many brands we represent is Swedish sail clothing brand Sail Racing. Sail Racing employ a unique textile production method called e.dye® technology. E.dye® is essentially a dying technique which mixes PET-chips with its pigment recipe, before heating it up to form a liquid which is then spun into the yarn. The result of this process is a massive 75% reduction in water consumption compared to normal dying techniques.

E.Dye filament colour image
Final yarn image on E.Dye process

partnership with Just a drop to support a great cause

It is by supporting innovative technologies such as e.dye® with Sail Racing, and sustainable charitable organisations such as Just a Drop, that Sailing Point hopes to reduce harm to the environment and deliver on its sustainability goals. Head over to the Sailing Point online shop to see your purchase donate to Just a Drop, and check out the amazing work they do on their website!