July 24, 2023


David Paul Sailing on his Figaro Sailing Point/Just a Drop

Sailing Point tests the best sailing gear with David Paul on Le Solitaire du Figaro

David Paul is a great friend and a great sailor. This is his 3rd year sailing on the Figaro circuit and we'll be supporting him by giving him the new Sailing Gear from Sail Racing to try out. 

It will be an intense season that will see more than 30 young and talented sailors compete on board the Beneteau Figaro 3 One Design in extreme offshore conditions.

David Paul wearing Sail Racing during a Breathing before racing


The One Design Sailing Circuit - Where Future Sailing Legends Emerge:

The "La Solitaire du Figaro" is the offshore sailing event where young sailors sail without a crew for legs of more than 600 NM.

This unique racing format ensures everyone competes with identical boats, levelling the playing field and allowing pure skill and tactics to shine. It is here that the sailing champions of tomorrow are discovered, creating an environment rich in talent and competitive spirit. When the technical level is so high you have to work on every little detail to find the edge. Having the right sailing gear allows you to do so.

 Passion and Commitment: The driving forces behind a Figaro Campaign:

Embarking on a Figaro campaign demands unwavering passion and unparalleled commitment. The challenges presented by this race series are immense, both physically and mentally. From exhausting long-distance legs to fierce competition, only those with utmost dedication and determination can persevere through the trials and tribulations of Le Figaro. David Paul epitomises this spirit, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to pursuing his dreams in one of the toughest sailing races in the world.

 Sail Racing: Committed to Excellence in Sailing Gear:

We wanted to give David the Sail Racing gear because wearing the best sailing gear gives protection and comfort under any sailing conditions.  

Sail Racing, a renowned name in the sailing industry, understands first-hand the relentless commitment required to excel in the sport. The brand has driven the pursuit of the best sailing gear on the market, catering to the demanding needs of sailors globally. By combining cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and superior materials, Sail Racing has established itself as a trusted companion for professional sailors seeking to push the boundaries of performance. The thousands of mile spent racing in the ocean will test the best Sail Racing lines like the Orca 50knt Collection and Reference Collection. 

Sailing gear doesn't only protect from bad weather so there are plenty of opportunities to test and discover all other Sail Racing lines of sailing clothing and sailing accessories.

Sail Racing Orca 50knt and Reference Collection 

The partnership with the best sailing team comes with innovative design and new technologies to create the sailing gear of the future

Bowman Collection

Hoods and sweaters in a unique mix of cotton and polyester as well as tees and polos in a silicon pre-washed 100% cotton fabric.


Sail Racing Accessories

The challenge of creating sailing gear drove Sail Racing to put a lot of attention on what is the first defence from the Ocean.

Follow David Paul and his Figaro SailingPoint-JustaDrop and discover the gear and the sailors of the future.

David Paul racing his Figaro 3 SailingPoint_JustaDrop